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Weathers Law Firm assists with all matters of real estate law, including purchase transactions, refinancing, multi-phase commercial takedowns, and organization under the South Carolina Horizontal Property Regime Act. Call us to schedule an appointment today and learn how we can assist you.

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In today’s volatile residential real estate market, it is important to have adequate legal representation at all times during the closing process from the contract stage up until the actual closing. When making an offer as a buyer or considering an offer as a seller, it is important to address all of the contingencies that may arise during the transaction. Our experience in the closing process allows us to anticipate problems that may arise and therefore address the same in advance. As a result of the current market, we are beginning to see many foreclosures, bankruptcies, and short sales appearing in the title work. Perhaps now more than ever it is necessary to have adequate legal representation to ensure a clear title free of all encumbrances, including mechanics and tax liens.

Commercial Real Estate

Our law firm provides assistance with all stages and types of commercial real estate, from development to drafting commercial triple net leases. We also have experience handling commercial financing and can communicate with your lender to develop the most favorable financing options for you.

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