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It seems like every time you turn around, another state is legalizing recreational and medicinal marijuana use. And while South Carolina has permitted the use of certain derivatives of marijuana for patients with seizure disorders, the law and its enforcement remain murky. Below are the basics of South Carolina marijuana laws as they currently stand. If you are facing marijuana possession charges or any drug crime contact our South Carolina marijuana possession defense attorneys.

Marijuana Laws in South Carolina

As noted above, state laws regarding marijuana can vary, from recreational to medicinal no prohibited entirely. The chart below highlights some of South Carolina’s heroin laws.

Code SectionSouth Carolina Code of Laws 44-53-110: Narcotics and Controlled Substances
PossessionMisdemeanor: up to 6 mos. and/or $1000; Subsequent offense: misdemeanor, 1 yr. and/or $2000 Under 1 oz.: 30 days and/or $100 to $200; Over 1 oz.: Prima facie guilty of sale; Subsequent offense under 1 oz.: 1 yr. and/or $200 to $1000
SaleFelony: up to 5 yrs. and/or $5,000; Subsequent offense: felony, up to 10 yrs. and/or $10,000; Third offense: felony, 5-20 yrs. and/or $20,000; Sale to minor: misdemeanor, up to 10 yrs. and $10,000
Trafficking10-100 lbs.: 1-10 yrs. and $10,000; 2nd offense: 5-20 yrs and $15,000; Subsequent offense: mandatory 25 yrs. and $25,000; 100-2000 lbs. or 100-1000 plants: mandatory 25 yrs. and $25,000; 2000-10,000 lbs. or 1000-10,000 plants: mandatory 25 yrs. and $50,000; Over 10,000 lbs. or over 10,000 plants: 25-30 yrs. and $200,000

South Carolina’s statutes are generally more restrictive than other state marijuana laws. In addition, possession of even small amounts of marijuana remains illegal under federal law according to the Controlled Substance Act. Even if South Carolina were to legalize marijuana, a state’s marijuana laws, federal law always supersedes state law, and the federal government hasn’t given up on enforcing restrictions on interstate cases of pot possession, manufacturing and cultivationand trafficking and distribution. To date, South Carolina has no plans to legalize marijuana, and even an extended medicinal marijuana bill failed to make it to a hearing.

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Although there is no major change in the works currently, state marijuana laws can evolve along with social attitudes regarding drugs. For more articles and information on this topic, you can visit FindLaw’s drug charges section. Finally, if you or someone you know may have a drug or substance abuse problem, South Carolina’s Department of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse has online, phone, and in-person resources that can help.

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Marijuana possession, trafficking, and cultivation are all still illegal in South Carolina. But the laws are changing across the country every year. If you or someone you love is charged with a marijuana-related crime, you should speak with a South Carolina drug crimes attorney to learn about your options. Start with a free case review.