Georgetown County Workers Compensation Lawyers

If you are hurt or injured in a workplace or on the job accident your life may be forever impacted. Depending on the severity of your injuries, the life you currently enjoy may be permanently altered. Workers compensation injuries are very common in South Carolina and can occur in any setting, including clerical or administrative environments, jobs requiring manual labor, service industry jobs and at health care facilities.

Filing a South Carolina workers compensation claim can be confusing, and hiring an experienced workers compensation attorney can ensure the process is filed in a proper and timely manner. Attempting to file your claim yourself can result in it being done incorrectly which can delay benefits, or in some cases preclude you from recovery.

Having an experienced South Carolina workers compensation lawyer on your side will ensure that your claim is filed correctly, on time, and your rights are protected. Greg Weathers, Georgetown County Workers Compensation Lawyer, has many years’ experience handling workers compensation claims in Horry County and Georgetown County, South Carolina.

Common Workers Comp Accidents & Injuries

Mr. Weathers is well versed in South Carolina workers compensation law and how the workers comp system works. He handles all types of workers compensation claims including:

Workplace slip and falls

Repetitive stress injuries

Back, knee and shoulder injuries

Burn injuries

Machine and equipment accidents

Workers compensation auto accidents

Fatal workers compensation accidents

Benefits In South Carolina Work Comp Claims

If injured in the workplace in the Pawley’s Island, Garden City or Georgetown, SC areas you may be entitled to benefits such as:

Partial and total disability

Scarring and disfigurement

Permanent impairment

Medical expense coverage

Death and funeral benefits

According to the South Carolina workers compensation statute of limitations you have a limited amount of time from the date of injury or date of death to seek legal recourse via filing a workers compensation claim. While you may want to just put the accident behind you it makes sense to contact Georgetown, South Carolina Workers Compensation Lawyer Greg Weathers immediately following the accident.

With Mr. Weathers as your attorney you will know that your rights are protected and that your workers compensation claim is being handled correctly and in a timely fashion. This will allow you to focus on recovering and getting back to work.

Contact A Georgetown Workers Compensation Attorney

Contact Pawley’s Island Workers Compensation Lawyer Greg Weathers today to discuss your case and how to protect your rights. He handles workers compensation cases on a contingency fee basis meaning he charges no fee for work related injury claims unless he recovers on your behalf.